Cover Me – Number 22


Surfin’ USA – Jesus and Mary Chain

Originally by The Beach Boys

Also covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks and Aaron Carter

Some days writing this blog is an education.  For instance.  I never knew that Alvin and the Chipmunks had covered ‘Surfin’ USA’.  I also never knew that The Beach Boys song was itself essentially a cover version.

Brian Wilson, was apparently a big Chuck Berry fan, and one summer when he was stepping out with a girl called Julie, he went to the beach with her and her brother, Jimmy.  Jimmy was a surfer and also into Chuck Berry.  That afternoon whilst Brian whistled ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’, whilst watching Jimmy surf, he came up with the idea of ‘Surfin’ USA.

He basically wrote the lyrics to the tune of Berry’s ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’ and the rest is surf pop history as they say.  It was a massive hit in the States as you can imagine.  In the UK it was less successful, managing to just about grace the Top 40

The Jesus and Mary Chain is, whilst not their finest cover version, is probably their most well known, it features on the Rarities album ‘Barbed Wire Kisses’ and this version original surfaced as one of the tracks on the ‘Darklands EP’.

Oh go on then



On the Wall





A Month of Songs About Incredible Nights Out (KT’s Top 20 Number 11)


God is A DJ – Faithless 

I have to say I am excited. It is 2am in the morning and I am in Brighton and I am about to go into a secret club, one, that is apparently not marked on any maps or listed on the Internet.  I am on a hen weekend and I have been dancing in a club since about midnight.  We have met up with a bunch of people who our hen and her maid of honour know through work or netball or something I can’t remember.  Nearly everywhere is kicking out, there are a few places still open but all of them charge a tenner at least to even use the loo.

No one really wants to go to bed yet. We are staying in a hotel in the Lanes area of the city and we are room sharing.  I am sharing with a lass called Helen, who I have met once before. When we got to the room we found that the beds were pushed together and not the ‘twin’ room that we had expected.  Helen looks at me and tells me rather matter of factly that she ‘doesn’t like toes’ and makes me promise to sleep with socks on.

Anyway, back to the hen party.  We have had a lovely meal, we have then gone to a bar and then a club.  At the club we have been joined by loads of other people.  One of them a cute guy called Ritchie who no one can quite work out if he is gay or not tells us suddenly that he knows a place that is open until 7am.

Helen immediately asks him without thinking whether or not it is a ‘gay bar’.  Ritchie shakes his head and says nope.  He lowers his voice (well sort of, we are drunk and everything sounds loud) and tells us that this is a bar that you won’t find advertised anywhere, you won’t find it on the Internet and you certainly won’t find a sign.  Who’s coming?

Ten minutes and one bag of chips of later, twelve of us are standing outside a pub three streets away from Brighton Seafront.  The pub is shut.  Everywhere in this street is shut we curse Ritchie who tells us to shush.

Ritchie stands still and counts the lamp posts and then points to a door in the wall which has a star drawn on it.  He knocks and it slowly opens. He shakes hands with the man behind the door and points at the rest of us.  The door opens widely.

Within five minutes we are on the dancefloor of what I am going to say now is the greatest club I have ever been in.  It has sofas, it perfect velvet cushions, clean toilets, it has three rooms, it had a fish tank that runs from the ceiling to the ground. There is a bar which just sells bottled beer or water and it only take cash.  It is full of people who are hugging each other, the music is amazing.  I recognise just one song all night – ‘God is A DJ’ by Faithless.

Badger – Sounds like the Mook Bar in Leeds.  I love a bit of Faithless particularly ‘Bring My Family Back’.

SWC – I went to a bar like that in Munich.  It was underneath a church but it played industrial rock all night and it had ‘sex swing’ hanging from the balcony, I wasn’t supposed to be there I couldn’t sleep and went to a place recommended by the receptionist at the hotel. Insomnia

A Month of Songs About Sisters (KT 12)


A Design For Life – Manic Street Preachers

My sister and I rarely see eye to eye about stuff.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits, and I would walk over hot coals for her.  Particularly at the moment as she is providing me with numerous baby related items.  However as teenagers, we loathed each other.  Musically we were at completely different ends of the spectrum.

The first band that she truly loved was a band called Bush.  Who were basically famous for their singer being married to Gwen Stefani.  From Bush she progressed to full out Goth, although strangely she listened to very little Goth music and then quickly onto horrible American metal from bands like Coal Chamber, Insane Clown Posse and Machine Head, she also tried to die her hair blonde and it ended up orange.  In 1994 I thought Dodgy were musical geniuses.

However, if you had to push her to name her favourite album she would say it was ‘The Holy Bible’ by Manic Street Preachers.  If you pushed me at the same time I would have said ‘Parklife’ by Blur.  I hated the Manic Street Preachers, and described them as depressing plod rock.  In reality I hated them because my sister loved them.

And then one afternoon in the small Devon town of Chudleigh all that changed.  I sat in a café with a can of coke and a copy of Select whilst my mum and sister were three doors down in the dentists – my sister was having a filling or something, my teeth were obviously perfect (yeah that would be down to the coca cola – Dentistry Ed).  But on the radio in that café, I heard for the first time, ‘A Design For Life’ and fell in love with them there and then.

About three hours later back at home I knocked on my sisters door and asked if I could borrow her copy of ‘The Holy Bible’ I even said please.  She reluctantly agreed and memorably told me that “If I damaged it in anyway, she would set fire to everything I owned”.

She was holding one of those zippo lighters when she said it and I genuinely believed her.  The Manics were the first real band that my sister and I both loved, she still loves their earlier stuff more whereas I enjoy everything from ‘A Design For Life’ onwards far more.

Badger – we’ve been here before.  SWC and I are both with Sister KT here – and in fact I told her so at KT’s wedding – which was followed by her punching the air in delight.  If you need proof that she is right here’s ‘Revol’.

SWC – Yup, your sister is right and if you need more proof here is ‘Faster’.

A Month of songs about Dads (KT’S Top 20 Number 13)


Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing – Stevie Wonder

About ten years ago, my Dad had a heart attack.  A real proper, no sleep for three days and nights scary old heart attack.  He was 52 at the time. He was cleaning the bath at the time.  He stood up because his chest hurt.  He thought it was indigestion as he cleaned the bath almost straight after breakfast which consisted of smoked haddock and poached eggs (the breakfast of kings he says).  He wobbled a bit, grabbed hold of the heated towel rail, remembered it was on, let go of the rail, croaked for my mum and then fell over, bashing his head on the wall on the way down.

He woke up in hospital two hours later in a great deal of pain.  My mum, my sister and I (having hot footed it down from Bristol) all sat outside the room he was in, clutching each other’s hand and volcanically warm cardboard cups of milky tea and disgusting coffee.  My mum, a devout Catholic had already prayed about twenty times.  We jumped up when a doctor came running past us and into his room, followed by six other more junior looking doctors and nurses.  We cried out in despair as the door slammed back in our faces and a blind was pulled over the small window.

After what seemed for ever, a doctor spoke to us and told us with sincere eyes that it was ‘touch and go’ right now and that some form of valve was blocked and needed unblocking urgently. My mum cried again and dug out a set of rosary beads from her cardigan pocket (which we had never seen before).  My sister as designated adult asked all the right questions and I just stood there feeling dazed and a bit useless.

Twelve hours later my dad was sent for surgery, he was awake when we all turned up on mass to his bed side.  We’d been told that there was a chance (small, but relevant enough) that he may not survive the operation and we were all a bit frantic with worry, something he obviously picked up on.  He pushed himself up on his pillows and looked at us all and said “Don’t you guys worry, don’t worry about a thing, I’m in good hands” and then out of breath he lied back down again and looked a bit distant.  It was about here that I realised that our parents are not immortal, however much we want them to be.  I think that’s a line that has been used on here before.

About three days later my dad was sitting up in bed and doing the Guardian crossword and moaning about the ‘idiots on Jeremy Kyle’.  The operation was a massive success and thankfully he has never been healthier.

Badger – ‘Innervisions’ is actually one of Mrs Badger’s favourite records and one which still gets played regularly in our house.  ‘Higher Ground’ is I think is the highlight.

SWC – I was going to go for ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ largely because of a story I have about my brother pretending to be Stevie Wonder in the back of my grandads car that made me laugh so much I wet myself – I was 8 by the way. But as we are talking ‘Innervisions’ lets go with ‘Too High’.

A month of Songs about divorces (KT’s Top 20 Number 14)


Oblivion – Grimes

“You should listen to Grimes”.  Alice is telling me, as she tries and fails to open a packet of rice without most of it falling onto the floor.

I look at her blankly.  Alice has always been my go to source for new, exciting or interesting music.  I do this again as, at the time, I have no idea who Grimes is.  I pass her the dustpan and brush and she tells me that Grimes is a properly bonkers Canadian pop star and that I would like her and that for some reason, and not the reason, that we are all thinking, Grimes reminds Alice of me.  She makes the most perfectly leftfield Gonzo pop apparently.

I tell her she has missed a bit of rice that had fallen behind the vegetable rack and she looks at me and says that why she reminds me of you and smiles.  She explains later that she considers it to be an album that could have been written by me (overlooking the fact that I have precisely no writing talent and wouldn’t know how to write a song if I did the ‘NME Songwriting course’ – which is or was an actual thing).

Now it was 2012 when this conversation took place and I was keen to remind Alice that between 2000 and 2011 I had been living in a marriage where any music apart from soft or progressive rock was frowned upon and switched off almost immediately.  Gonzo pop would not have made it over the threshold. When this conversation took place I was still rediscovering hip hop, indie pop and Faithless and I didn’t even own an iPod.

The next day, a copy of ‘Visions’ was left on my kitchen table with a note that tells me to ‘Enjoy!’.

Of course, Alice was right.  It took a couple of listens but ‘Visions’ by Grimes was probably one of the albums that got me through my divorce in one piece.  During that period it was one of the records that I consistently turned to time after time and I promise that this will be last time I ever mention my first husband on this blog.

Badger – I don’t get Grimes, I can’t pretend I do, but putting that to one side, ‘Genesis’ is a damn good song.

SWC – If you ask my mate Johnny, Grimes is Pseudo Goth hipster nonsense, but he is just annoyed by the fact that Grimes is a vegan who eats ice cream (and therefore FAKE).  Saying that I own precisely nothing by her.  What I do own though is this, which is nearly called Oblivion

A Month of Songs About Punching People In the Face (KT’s Top 20 Number 15)


Club Foot – Kasabian

When I was 25 I got sacked from my job in a shop in Bristol for punching someone in the face.  It was a rubbish job anyway, serving miserable things to miserable people in a miserable shop and as it happens I was about to quit anyway (it was a card shop and I’d been offered a new job in Marks and Spencer so I had ideas of grandeur).  I also as an expectant parent should be saying that I absolutely don’t condone violence in any form but I am kind of proud of this.

I knew it was going to be a bad day, when an old guy came into the shop roughly ten minutes after it opened and pissed on the floor, he literally popped his old chap out and slashed up against the ‘Halloween card’ stand.  It turned out he was on day release from the old folks home around the corner and had gone walkabout.  The only people in the store were me and the manager so I had to clean it all up.  As I mopped the carpet I mumbled to myself that I didn’t leave my badly paid job in the car garage to mop up an old chaps piss.  I didn’t punch him or the manager in the face though.

The person I punched in the face was the boyfriend of a friend of a mine. I punched him because he thought it was acceptable to grope my backside as I stood on a stepladder.  We will call him Liam, as that’s his name, and he happened to be in the shopping centre that day with his mates.

Liam and his mates came into the shop and decided that they wanted to look at the massive cards – which were stored on top of the shelves and I needed a ladder to reach them.  As I climbed down the ladder, he smacked me on arse and turned to his mates and laughed.

I shouted at him (I think I called him a ‘wanker’), the manager came over, and I told her what had happened.  Liam told her that I was lying and that I had fallen on to his hand.  So I punched him hard in the face. It was the first (and only) time I have ever clenched my fist into a ball and extended back and let fly with full force, and frankly it felt marvellous.  There was blood.  At least one other customer clapped me as I threw off my name badge in a strop and strode to the staff room, grabbed my things and left via the handily placed rear door.

As I sat in the car park and calmed down, ‘Club Foot’ came on the stereo and it resonated with me and since then it has been a track that I regularly listen to when I need to get rid of some anger.  About ten minutes later the manager phoned me on my mobile and told me that the CCTV instore backed up my version of events and at least three customers have also backed me.  She apologised and told me that the store would press charges against Liam if I agreed.  I hung up and turned the stereo up.

Badger – Once as a Fifteen year old lad, I punched a 12 year old lad in the face.  He had been bullying my younger cousin (who is profoundly deaf) and made him cry and wet himself at the same time.  At the time it was the greatest feeling I’d ever felt.  My cousin hugged me and refused to let go of me for the next hour.  I felt like a hero to him.  My favourite Kasabian song is ‘The Doberman’.

SWC – I’m going to pick ‘Cutt Off’ because it was the first Kasabian song I ever heard and remains one of the few songs of theirs that I genuinely like.  I think I may have been punched more than I have actually punched people.  The first lad to properly punch me was a lad called ‘Indy’ when I was 13.  He was so upset about the whole issue that he invited me to dinner the next night so he could he apologise to me in front of his parents.  He is in musical theatre now so I’m told.


11 Songs for the 11th


Remember Mix Compiled and Mixed by KT

Yup, you read that correctly.  Last week I sat in SWC’s lounge and he showed me how to use the DJ Mix software he has.  It was kind of fun.

As it’s the 11th November, I have gone for 11 tracks that feature the word ‘Remember’ in its title.  Which seems kind of apt.

I was eating cakes with Mrs SWC when I did this so I make no apologies for any jumps, pauses or blips, obviously any pauses are ‘reflections of silence’ and are meant to be there.  There is supposed to be a gap between song one and two due to the long intro of the second song.

I can’t remember what songs I put on it either but I think I can remember the bands, feel free to fill in the blanks

  1. Do You Remember The First Time – Pulp
  2. These are the People We Should Remember – Zulu Winter
  3. Avi Buffalo
  4. Remember What It Is That You Love – The Family Cat
  5. Remember Me – British Sea Power
  6. Iceage
  7. We Were Promised Jetpacks
  8. Remember Me – Tyler the Creator
  9. Remember Me – Blueboy
  10. Mortar Remembers You – Lonelady
  11. Something to Remember Me By – The Horrors

Enjoy and don’ t forget to tell me how much better at this mixing lark I am than SWC.  Thanks