No Hit Wonders – Mansun


Good Morning – welcome to the start of the competition to find the most unpopular song in the world, according to my iPod that is.

At the start of every piece for this series I will start with a recap.  That will look like this

Current Longest No Play – P.E.T.R.O.L – Orbital

Length of Time Unplayed – Four Years, Two Months, Nine Days.

Then I’ll introduce the next contestant – I’ll do this by selecting the next track that is played after P.E.T.R.O.L and replicate that over and over again.  Make sense.  Good.  There probably should be a rule or two in this but I haven’t thought of those as yet.  Let’s just see what happens, yeah?

Ok  here’s the next track unplayed and unloved by iPod.  It’s by Mansun, which you probably guessed by the title up there.

Taxloss – Mansun

Then we’ll have some stats, cos, I like stats.

Date Loaded 20th April 2016.

Which seems fairly recent to me, but then I remembered this CD was bought for me by Badger when we did our ‘Charity Shop Challenge’ after he found £20 in a book.  Before that the only Mansun tracks I had were ‘Wide Open Space’ and ‘Skin Up Pin Up’.

Mansun were for about two months one of those bands that looked likely to do something special.  I remember being given a 7″ of their debut single ‘Take It Easy, Chicken’.  It was one sided, hand written and kind of bloody ace in mock Oasis kind of way.  There was a buzz about them, and for a while the music kind of lived up to expectations.

Of course back then the name was ‘Manson’ and that had to change it to ‘Mansun’ and then they came out with some story about being influenced by ‘A Man Called Sun’ by the Verve.

‘Taxloss’ was the third or fourth single (I forget which) to be taken from their debut album ‘Attack of the grey Lantern’.  It is a good album well worth a purchase if you see one in a Charity Shop.

There are two other songs on ‘The Attack of the Grey Lantern’ which are No Hit Wonders

The Chad Who Loved Me

Mansuns Only Love Song

What I think is interesting is that these three are the first three tracks on the album – although I also think that it is only me that finds that interesting.

So Orbital say in the Winners Chair for now.


The Greatest Hits of Various Artists – One


This was KT’s idea. So here…Oh you know the score by now.

The other day on Facebook, Alice my best friend in all the world posted a picture of her holding a copy of Now That’s What I call Music Vol 26. An album that I remember playing a lot when I was younger – it had ‘Creep’ by Radiohead on it but in contrast to that it also had 2 Unlimited and Haddaway on it.

It’s funny how a single side or track of a particular compilation can stick in the mind. SWC has written before about a compilation called ‘Happy Daze’ and about how everything on that album from the tracks chosen to the very order that they appeared – were perfect – or at least seemed that way at the time.

Whilst I told the boys about my reminiscing around ‘Now 26’ Side Three – Badger chipped in with a memory about Now 10 and how it remembers it containing ‘China In My Hand’ by TPau – yet he can’t remember a single other track on it. He only remembers it because he was listening to it on a Walkman and not looking where he was going and walked into a pillar box much to the laughter of the builders working directly opposite him at the time. Then every day for the next six weeks the builders would shout “Oi Watch Out Mate” every time he walked nearby. True Story. How the evenings must have flown by in Leeds in the late eighties – if indeed it was even then.

So this series is a celebration of the compilation album. Ones we love, ones we got for free off the cover of magazines or as presents, heck we’ll might even go down the ‘Mixtapes made for us by loved ones’ route. Possibly. Again there are some rules, well one, Greatest Hits albums do not count. The recorded artist has to be ‘Various Artists’ to count.






Where In the World? – Week One – The Alps.

the alps

This is inspired by Princess SWC’s new favourite TV programme – which is called the same thing. She only likes it because of the catchy theme tune to be honest. Many years ago in the first age of ‘WYCRA’ we had a series called ‘Place With A Name’ where we discussed bands that took their name or shared their name from a place on Earth. Well this is that series reborn repackaged and recycled in at least two places.

We’ll pick a band at random from a playlist of around 50 bands all of which share their name with a place somewhere on the planet. Some if you have yet to hear the brilliant new single by Croydon Dave and the Ferrets then stayed tuned!

I can’t remember which bands we covered on here last time so anything goes – we’ve been quite strict with the rules though. The place has to be exact – so we have omitted bands with words like British in the name (like British Sea Power).

Week One sees us off the mountains of Europe

Shot Down – Nine Black Alps

The alps are as you all know a mountain range that cross Europe taking in parts of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria – they are very nice indeed and there is some excellent skiing, hiking, riding and cycling to be found there.

Nine Black Alps are a rock band from Manchester who take their name from a Sylvia Plath poem (if my mind correctly remembers my A Level English course). I own one album them (and none by Sylvia Plath – but thinking about it The Sylvia Plaths is a tremendous name for a band) – their debut one ‘Everything Is’ and is it actually quite good, in a 2003 kind of way.

Here is one more track from it

And just for larks here is one track by Milk Maid a band formed by one of Nine Black Alps after he left the band, which I’ll say is not remarkably different from what he would have produced had he stayed where he was.

Not Me


My Favourite Album By…Super Furry Animals

super furry 1

A Badger idea (so either terrible or unoriginal) so here he is….

Hey folks, nice to see you all again. It’s been a while hasn’t it….Likewise a lot has happened. We went to Australia, you all knew that. We had a lovely time. We came home again to find a room full of flowers put there by Mrs SWC and a cake on the table. I also turned 50 last week. I did think about doing a 50 best albums thing but it’s been done before and besides I promised SWC that I would never do a list that contained ‘Appetite For Destruction’ and a deal is a deal.

So this idea came to me outside the Mare and Foal Sanctuary Charity Shop in Bovey Tracey. There I was browsing away the time before I had to meet the other two TSOBO reprobates for lunch, when I found a copy of ‘Phantom Power’ by the Super Furry Animals. It was £1.99, which is a bargain (TSOBO Rule #2 never walk past a charity shop that sells CDs).

Hello Sunshine – Super Furry Animals

In the pub as mentioned by SWC earlier on, we had a discussion. About which was our favourite Super Furry Animals album. Largely stemmed around the fact that KT couldn’t understand why I’d bought this album if I already had it burnt onto mp3. My reply was because it’s the best record that they ever did and sometimes I’m in the car and I’ve left the ipod at home etc. I also had to explain the fact that ten years ago I sold my entire CD collection to make space in the spare room for my wife’s business. Since then we have moved to a bigger house and now I have my own spare room again – with shelves and I am slowly filling them with CDs – largely bought from charity shops.

Anyway twenty minutes later the concept of ‘My Favourite Album By’ was born.

So this is how it works, a band will be randomly picked from the iPod and that will be the subject for ‘My Favourite Album By…’ it really is that simple. Unless we get a band who haven’t released an album or I only have one album by them and then we might be in trouble. I’m going to stick with the Super Furries for now – and here is another track from ‘Phanton Power’.

Got to be Slow Life

Hasn’t it.

50 Songs About The Weather…..One


This was KT’s idea, so here she is to explain it….

Hey people, how are you all? An awful lot has happened since I last wrote anything. Let’s get that out of the way shall we. I got married – you all knew that I think, we had a lovely wedding in September. At an old manor house tucked away on the edge of Dartmoor. No dramas, no drunken grope-y vicars, or old flames turning up and trying to ruin things, just me, him, and a bunch of guests. Before that I bought a house with my new love and we have spent the last four months decorating it. Then we went to Vietnam on honeymoon, which is where I had the idea for ’50 Songs About The Weather’. Yes, you are probably right though, I should have had better things to think about on honeymoon. Dom was out for a run and I’d drunk all the local ‘moonshine’.

So there I was sitting on the beach and in the space of thirty minutes I had extreme sun, tropical rain, howling winds and thick mist. It was a bit like being in Worthing, only much much nicer. As the weather settled to bring back the nice sea breeze and warmth I started thinking about songs that are about the weather and I wrote down ‘Songs about the Weather’.

So this is a celebration of songs about the weather or more likely a bunch of songs that have some sort of weather in the title, they definitely won’t be in any order, just 50 songs that have the words Sun, Rain, Wind, Snow etc in their titles and here is the first

Feel The Sunshine (Original Mix) – Alex Reece

I know very little about dance music and even less about Alex Reece, but I do like this record, its summery, it has ‘floaty’ vocals and it does remind me of a summer that I spent working in Spain. I was supposed to be there for 7 weeks and lasted 4. The contract cut short when I broke my arm. I broke my arm falling of a motorcycle. A motorcycle I’d borrowed. Without asking. After drinking three quarters of a bottle of sangria. I know. There are no real excuses, other than I was young and Alice told me to do it.

Here is a couple more Alex Reece songs – which means I have just given you my entire Alex Reece collection.


Pulp Friction

Five Songs By……Oasis


This series runs in stark contrast to yesterdays. This series will celebrate the tracks that my iPod has been playing. Very simply these posts will show the Top Five Played Tracks by a random band according to my iPod. This was as a reaction to the news that ‘And God Created Brixton’ is the most played Carter song on my iPod. Obviously this falls down when I only have one album by the random band of the week or less than five songs by them but hey, we’ll cope/cheat.

And God Created Brixton – Carter USM

So I’ve fired up the iPod and the first randomly selected band is…..Oh….Heck….


I’d loved Oasis when they first burst onto the scene. I loved their energy, their arrogance, their swagger. I loved the way that Noel played the guitar and the way that Liam drawled over certain words, like ‘Lasagne’ in Digsy’s Dinner’. I religiously bought Oasis records, and played them and for the most part, enjoyed them. Then I think somewhere around the release of ‘The Hindu Times’ I stopped listening to them. I’m not sure why. ‘The Hindu Times’ isn’t actually a bad record.

Anyway, this is how this works – I take a look at the iPod find out what the five most played Oasis songs are and write about them so without further ado….

According to my iPod the five Oasis songs that I have listened to the most are (and luckily for you three of them are from ‘Definitely Maybe’) as follows:

1 Live Forever – which is still one of the greatest singles of all time if you ask me
2 Going Nowhere – which is taken from ‘The Masterplan’ an album which proves that in their pomp Oasis made better B Sides than most bands made A Sides.  This is the B Side to the ‘Be Here Now’ tubthumper ‘Stand By Me’.
3 Rock n Roll Star – which to this day is still one of the greatest opening tracks to an album ever.
4 Digsy’s Dinner – Which is probably the finest song to ever mention lasagne
5 Love Like A Bomb – Which is taken from ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’

Just a note – my iPod is on Random Shuffle for 98% for the time. I rarely self select what to listen to.