The TSOBO Top 200 Songs of the Decade – Number 170


Number 170 – Beautiful ambitious brilliance….

No Woman – Whitney (2016)

Recommended by Badger

When TSOBOs favourite Smith Westerns split towards the end of 2014, a couple of the band decided to form a new band.  They left their native Chicago and decamped to Los Angeles and Whitney was born.  Their debut single was ‘No Woman’ an achingly glorious country tinged ballad about escape.  The singer (and drummer) Julian Ehrlich sings with this brilliant falsetto that carries the songs along.  He is joined by a piano, that doesn’t really want to be there, a trumpet and a guitar that is so gently strummed that it sounds like it might break if it gets plugged in.

I remember distinctly the first time I ever heard this record.  I was in a dark place at the time, regular readers will remember, that during 2016 nearly everything that happened to either me or Mrs Badger was basically shit.  One day I had to go to North Devon and I drove down to the small town of Woolacombe and drove along the seafront, my plan being to visit a café that I knew well for lunch and then this came on the stereo, I think it was on a mix tape that SWC had compiled for me and I’d pulled over into a layby and this song just played in the car as the wind swept across the bay.

It is an incredible record.  Sad but beautiful, lonely but ambitious, full of wonderful vocals that sound like they are going to crack at any point.

Also In Contention

Golden Days which features on the bands debut (and only?) album ‘Light Upon the Lake’

Oh and thanks for the roses who ever sent them. Love you too.

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