15 Songs From 2017 – 8


8 – The Way You Used to Do – Queens of the Stone Age

Chosen by SWC

I used to think that Mark Ronson did not have any place whatsoever on a QOTSA album. Then after one play of ‘The Way You Used to Do’ you realise that somethings are just supposed to happen and us fools, us plebs, have no place in questioning stuff or even pretending to think we should offer an opinion on something. Mark Ronson pretty much turns QOTSA into a disco act and you know what – it really works and you know what else, Mark Ronson makes it sound entirely possible that Queens of The Stone Age were always supposed to be a disco act..

15 Songs from 2017 – 10


10 – Other Voices – LCD Soundsystem

Chosen by Badger

It was David Bowie who apparently told James Murphy to reform LCD Soundsystem. He told him that because Bowie thought it was a good idea. Bowie, as usual, was not wrong.

It was a good idea.

The whole of the new album is outstanding, yes you got ‘Call The Police’ – yes you’ve got ‘An American Dream’, yes you’ve got ‘Oh Baby’ but then on top of all that you’ve got ‘Other Voices’ which after precisely three plays I am calling ‘The Greatest LCD Soundsystem Track Ever”. That good folks.

15 Songs From 2017 – 11

big thief

11 – Haley – Big Thief

Chosen by Badger

Hope you all got some new socks and that.

So there we are, Mrs Badger and I, sitting in a bar in a small suburb of Melbourne, we are listening to a band playing to about 50 people. They are kind of freestyle jazz and are just ok. We have been chatting to two much younger females, Mary Margaret and Valerie, who are on holiday from New York City. We chat to them about music and I ask them – which American bands should I be looking out for them and both of them without drawing breath say at the same time. “Big Thief”.

You know what – they are absolutely right.

15 Songs from 2017 – 12


12 – Cry of the Martyrs – Algiers

Chosen by Badger

Like yesterdays track I first heard Algiers on a memory stick given to me my SWC a few days after I got back from holiday. He usually does little notes on the bands for me so I know what to expect. The note for Algiers read

“Gospel, Punk, Noise, Ambition, Chaos, Anger, Grief and Brilliance”

He is absolutely spot on. As usual. But I’d add the words Nina and Simone as well, especially on this song.

Feeling Festive??

More on Boxing Day – Happy Christmas Y’All.

15 Songs for 2017 – 13


Bad Spanish – Nervous Dater

Chosen by SWC

Nervous Dater are an indie punk rock band from New York City. Their singer is Rachel Lightner and they are very possibly this year’s Hop Along. That folks is a very good thing indeed.

‘Bad Spanish’ is the lead single from the debut album “Don’t Be A Stranger” and of which I can only agree with Badger’s description of it – that being “guitar slinging brilliance”.

15 Songs for 2017 – 14


Run Me Through – Perfume Genius

Chosen by Badger

‘No Shape’ the fourth album from Perfume Genius is full of songs about love, devotion and decadence. It’s tender, it swoops and slightly mad but mostly brilliant.

My favourite track on it is ‘Run Me Through’ a glimmering slice of jazz tinged with doom and some sort of weird twisted cabaret vibe. Stunning.

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15 Songs for 2017 – 15


For the next two weeks, over the Christmas Holidays we are going to scale things down slightly. You’ll find one or two songs each day. Each one will be handpicked by us and will have been released this year. We are not saying that they are our

favourite songs of the year just tracks we’ve enjoyed over the last year and they are in no order despite being a countdown.

Oh, like Tesco’s we’ll be shut on Christmas Day

Anyway, here’s Badger and a track by Angel Olsen

For You – Angel Olsen

Technically not a song from this year – but it was released this year – if that makes sense. ‘For You’ is taken from ‘Phases’ a collection of B Sides and rarities released by Angel Olsen.

‘For You’ is a cover of a track by Rory Erickson and she does it justice, I mean the original is beautiful enough but seriously this is just amazing. A warm and simple piece of brilliance especially when she sings the line “I’m cooked to you so rare”. Man, it make you feel all tingly.