The TSOBO Top 200 Songs of the Decade – Number 172

broken social scene

Number 172 – If Tarantino made music….

Chase Scene – Broken Social Scene (2010)

Recommended by Badger

So that Tarantino reference, let me explain.  Tarantino is considered by some (me included) to be a bit of genius when it comes to films.  He has this knack of making the ridiculous seem sublime, he has the knack of making the uncool, seem cool.  He can made something sound or look incredible when it really really shouldn’t.

The first time I heard this song I thought this sounds like something that would feature in a Tarantino film.  It would be, if it is actually ever happened a film set in the 70s, and genuinely there would be a car chase scene.  There would be squealing tyres, smoke, deserted streets full of litter bins, every now and again a fire hydrant would spurt water everywhere and right at the end a lorry would pull out of a side street and cause some carnage as the goodies or baddies drive away into the sunset.  There I realised that I may well have been thinking about the Dukes of Hazard.

I’m not explaining this very well am I?

Hang on guys I’ll try and explain a bit more – ‘Chase Scene ‘ starts with this paranoid pulse of wah wah guitars which is the bit where the jump into the cars.  Then it goes a bit crazy and brings in a load 80s synth (smoke, washing lines across streets, litter bins) and a full on string section (water spurting out of hydrants, the odd jump where cars get air perhaps).  It then builds to a chorus and it goes all tense and slightly unbearable, that tension finally ending near the end as the lorry comes in to cause its carnage.

I think that’s done it.

Also In Contention

Forced To Love which is all exotic sounding keyboards and harmonized vocals.


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