Cover Me – Number 15

the police

Message In A Bottle – Leatherface

Originally by The Police

Also covered by American Hifi for the film Rugrats Go Wild (as bad as it sounds)

When I was a student I used to go to the Tuesday quiz night in a bar called The Rose.  Every week a gang of us would rock up with our clever team name and try win the star prize – which was usually a crate of beer. We never did very well.  Apart from one week, that week for some reason we were on fire.  As we went into the last round we were in joint first place with a team called irritatingly ‘the Smiths’ largely because two of the four team members had the surname ‘Smith’.

The round was ‘General Knowledge’ or ‘Pot Luck’ as they called it then.  The first two were easy, then came Question Three.

“Which Police Studio Album Does ‘Message In A Bottle’ appear.  Now at the time I am doing alright in the music world, I know a thing or two about this subject, so I whisper over to our captain – Nick that the answer is ‘Regatta De Blanc’.  I sit back arms folded thinking that my work is done for the evening.

Only Nick, the fool, decided that he knew better and he wrote “Outlandos d’Amour’.  So we lost the quiz and with that a row ensued and since that day I have struggled to listen to Police without being taken back to that disappointing evening.

‘Message In A Bottle’ was a huge number one in the UK for The Police and probably went some way into turning them into the megastars that they were.

The Leatherface version is if we are being honest, approximately seven million times better than the Police version.  If you ask me, it is the only version worth owning.  It appeared originally on the B Side of their tremendous ‘Not Superstitious’ single.  They are well known for their cover versions.

Here’s their rather wonderful version of Talkin’ Bout A Revolution’.  And then there is this version of You Are My Sunshine


One thought on “Cover Me – Number 15

  1. I always wished Motorhead would cover the Leatherface song “I Want The Moon”.
    Yes, this version of “Message In A Bottle” shits all over the original. I mean that in the best possible way.


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