Lundy Islands Tunes (2) (Happy Birthday Badger)


This Is A Low – Blur

As I said yesterday, we went to Lundy a few months back.  On Lundy there is a lighthouse, it is the tallest one in the United Kingdom.  It has a couple of hundred steps to get to the top.  It’s worth the climb though.  From the top you can see the whole island and beyond.  There are a couple of little deckchairs at the top which you can sit in and gaze out across the bay.  Maybe.

Which is what we did Dom and I, we sat in almost silence, gazing across this beautifully serene island.  We looked away to the east, where the grey clouds were and then we looked across to the south and were met with brilliant sunshine.

Eventually we strolled on back down the lighthouse and back out onto the island, by now the wind has dropped and the sun is bearing down on us.  Dom tells me he wants to go and take a few photos and I tell him I will wait for him here in the small churchyard as I’m feeling a bit tired, I use the fact that I am about five months pregnant as an excuse, but in reality I’m just feeling lazy.  I find a bench and sit down and pull out my iPod for a bit and start to tuck into a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch.  Dom will be twenty minutes at least I figure.

I was listening to Blur on the boat on the way over (largely to drown out the sound of Ray blathering on about the pier at Weston Super Mare) and I pick up where I left off.  The next track on is ‘This is A Low’ which is as you can probably guess, my all-time favourite Blur track.

As Damon sings away about the ‘Bay of Biscay’ I take two minutes to revel in my surroundings – There is no one around, literally no one, 289 people got on that boat and for some unknown reason Dom and I are the only ones who have ventured this way.  Now, I know why no one else was up by the churchyard, it’s because you have to walk past the pub and the shop to get there and it was lunchtime, but right there as ‘This is A Low’ wound down and Dom skilfully avoided the sheep turds on the grass to take his pictures I felt like Dom and I were the only people in the entire world frozen if you like in this otherworldly moment.

A moment which was rudely interrupted about six minutes later by a German couple asking me to take their photo.

Badger – KT has been very clever here, she has dropped the lyrics of three songs into this one piece.  In celebration of that I put Blur on random on iPod and the first track that came on was ‘Song 2.

SWC – I had a similar experience once on Dartmoor, Mrs SWC and I parked up in a car park and had some breakfast and the only living thing we saw for an hour was a horse.  It’s a strangely depressing feeling when you are reminded that life has been going on all the time.  Er, oh yeah a Blur track, erm, got to be On Your Own hasn’t it?



3 thoughts on “Lundy Islands Tunes (2) (Happy Birthday Badger)

  1. I missed the song lyrics in there, but love to think there’s a song about eating Pickled Onion Monster Munch. As kids, we always used to look out at Lundy Island from the beach at Westward Ho! My brother and his mates once went out there on his mate’s boat. It was so rough, the boat hit rocks as they got near and was too damaged to sail back. They were stranded out there for three days…


  2. Belated Happy Birthday Badger.

    Given what you’ve l said previously about his pad, I’m surprised Tim that you didn’t air ‘Country House’ to have a playful dig at SWC

    PS : Whatever became of the fence dispute with Mr Dentist??????


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