The A to Z of EP’s – M

menace beach

M is For Menace Beach

By Badger

As far as I am concerned, any band that names themselves after rubbish 90’s computer games are contractually obliged to be brilliant.  I’ve done very little research into that statement, but I reckon its probably true.

Menace Beach are a supergroup from Leeds and by supergroup I don’t mean one that features Stevie Winwood and Flea from the Chilli Peppers.  I mean that they contain at least one member of Hookworms, Sky Larkin and Pulled Apart by Horses when they record – this is actually written in to council legislate in Leeds.  It is against the law up there to make a record unless you have some link somewhere to Hookworms.

Musically, this is two things, firstly, the shortest EP to have so far featured in this series (5 songs, just under 14 minutes) and second an excellent mixture of classic indie rock and modern shoegaze and by modern and by classic I mean that you could easily stick a pin into a page containing a date from each of the last twenty years and this could have been released in that year.  All cracked and psyched up pop that fizz along breathlessly.

Pick of the EP is the track ‘Honolulu’ which liberally borrows that buzzsaw guitar noise the Pixies made good somewhere at the start of the nineties and the closer ‘Cheerleader’ which laments a broken relationship by signing off with a massive wig out.  Great stuff

Fortune Teller


Where I Come From








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