The A to Z of EP’s – L


L is for Leatherface


Ah, Leatherface.   For those in the dark, Leatherface were a punk rock band from Sunderland and they were fronted by one Frankie Norman Warsaw Stubbs, which is, as I have stated before, his actual real name.  They were the finest, most exciting punk band of the 90s and live they were something else.

I think I have said before over a JC’s place that once at the Reading Festival I saw Leatherface and they blew me away.  Their performance that afternoon has become stuff of legend.  For ever person who says that they saw the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club or saw Oasis at the Water Rats, there are 10,000 more who say that they saw Leatherface at Reading in 1992.  One person who definitely did see them that afternoon was John Peel. i know this because I stood in front of him and he asked me what I thought of them.  The answer for which he repeated live on the main stage before introducing PIL to the Main Stage.

The ‘Smokey Joe EP’ was the bands third EP and lead the way for their third album ‘Mush’ which still sits comfortably inside my Top 50 albums ever made.  It is a colossal record.

How Lonely

You Wanted Everything


The Scheme of Things

Ideal World (and yes it is)




One thought on “The A to Z of EP’s – L

  1. It was just about four years to the day of this paricular posting that you waed lyrically about Leatherface over at my place….still the only time they’ve been featured.



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