European Me – Nummer Femten

The Kissaway Trail

Smother + Evil = Hurt – The Kissaway Trail

The Kissaway Trail are from Odense in Denmark, they original started as a four piece (recording under the name ‘Isles’) then expanded to a five piece and then later reverted back to a three piece.   Whilst they were a five piece they had two singers which gave the band the sound that they were looking for.

They released their self-titled debut album in 2007 (when they were a five piece), and it was immediately shrouded in critical acclaim.  Musical comparisons were made with bands like Arcade Fire and Flaming Lips – and live they were something to behold.   The Arcade Fire thing was something that they struggle to shrug off.

‘Smother + Evil = Hurt’ was the lead single and is a beautiful piece of music, the kind of track that plucks away at your heart strings, a song so fragile sounding that at the end of it, you’ll turn to whoever is next to you and offer them a hug just because.

The cynical among you are right now sitting up, fingers in the air and pointing out that this, whilst great, is finely tuned, goosebump bringing stirring indie rock by numbers and that the aforementioned Arcade Fire do this much better, and this is nothing better than a copycat effort, but hang on, let’s look at exhibits B and C

Sometimes I’m Always Black


‘Sometimes I’m Always Black’ is amazing, the way the drums pound away gradually building until finally it soars into its wonderful climax.  It is totally brilliant.

‘SDP’ is taken from the bands second album ‘Sleep Mountain’ and is without question their finest moment.  All pealing bells chirping away with a romantic sounding piano tinkling away alongside it.


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