The A to Z of EP’s – E


E is for Eagulls

I left Leeds in the late nineties, largely because I fancied a change from a city which had in my opinion become humdrum, dull and at times violent.   If I had stuck around for say ten years, I would have been around to witness the birth of a booming music scene.  A scene which features a load of bands, bands like Radio 4, Hookworms, Menace Beach, Forward Russia, and lastly but not least the wonderful Eagulls, who have perhaps overtaken all of the others in terms of popularity.

Eagulls are terrific, a punky thrashy blast that takes all the best bits from the early Cure records (think ‘Boys Don’t Cry’) and then blends them with vocals that are very reminiscent of Ian Curtis.

Todays tracks are taken from the band self titled EP which was released in 2012, and was their second release.  Which, if I was writing, an ICA on Eagulls, would probably take up the entire second side, because it is utterly marvellous.

The lead track from that is ‘Moulting’ which is an exhilarating three minutes or so.  It’s all pounding drums and feedback which is wrapped up in a nice post punk jacket.



No Ifs No Buts

Cripple (Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis)

Still Born


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