The Charity Shop Countdown – Number 28


Weezer – The Red Album/The Green Album

Purchased from Oxfam Music Shop, Totnes

By Badger

In 2001, a friend of mine was so disappointed with the third Weezer album ‘The Green Album’ that he threw it out of a window on the sixth floor of a Leeds tower block and laughed with glee as it smashed on to pavement below (after bouncing off the roof of a badly parked Citroen).  I had barely listened to them since that day. So I was sceptical when I found a copy of the aforementioned ‘Green Album’ and a copy of this ‘The Red Album’ in Totnes, but I had £3 in my pocket and there was nothing else of interest in this usually fantastic record shop.

So I bought them both.

The first thing I have to say is that my friend was largely correct about ‘the Green Album’ it is terrible, it’s not chuck out of a window terrible, but it’s pretty duff.  The only good song on it is ‘Hash Pipe’ a song that is far too good to be avoided, and it is (and it is rare when I say this), too good to be on that album (and I say album it’s all over in 28 minutes and I have Verve singles longer than that).

Hash Pipe

The ‘Red Album’ on the other hand, Weezer’s sixth album, is a much better affair.  This record was the first album where Rivers Cuomo gave up overall control over the album’s recording.  Because of that you get far more creativity, you get better songs, and you get more diversity.

You also get these two belters

Pork and Beans


Which, are designed solely to make you stand up and throw yourself around which ever room you happened to be standing in when you hear them.  Which in my case was the reception area of firm of solicitors in Totnes, and is now a place I am ‘temporarily banned from’.


2 thoughts on “The Charity Shop Countdown – Number 28

  1. Totally disagree about the Green Album. That’s the record where Weezer decided melody was far more important than trying to sound angst-ridden and cool. And they were right. People that hate the Green Album always rave about Pinkerton and don’t regard anything the band has done since as being worthy of attention, but Pinkerton was horribly overrated and has dated pretty badly (like the Blue Album). The Green Album remains my favourite Weezer record, and going by a number of their subsequent albums (The White Album in particular) has become something of a template for their upbeat side.

    Red was also largely slated by the Pinkertonites, but I like most of it. Some good experiments on there, but also a few duffers. My favourite track though is actually King, a bonus track on the deluxe edition.


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