European Me – Nummer Sex


The Wannadies – Shorty


Ok, I’m going to try and ignore for a minute that the Swedish word for ‘six’ is ‘sex’.  I can’t go there.  I mean, that in itself is brilliant and very difficult to top, but let’s try and be grown up here.  Although with any luck, our viewing figures may well go through the roof, because impressionable young chaps may well be as we speak, be massively disappointed with what Google is telling them this morning.

Instead of the nummer sex, let’s talk about The Wannadies.  I mean, is there anyone out there who does not love The Wannadies?

The Wanandies formed in a place called Skelleftea, (which Wikipedia tells me is in Northern Sweden) in 1988 and are probably most well known for their hit single ‘You and Me Song’.  Which should have been a hit the first time it was released but it stalled at Number 119.  The reissue saw them finally crack the Top 20.

Their UK breakthrough album was ‘Bagsy Me’ which went Top 30 here (unlike ‘Be  A Girl’ – which despite containing ‘You and Me Song’ and countless other sure fire indie pop gems like ‘Might Be Stars’, failed to chart in the UK) and that looked like it would pave the way for greater things – but sadly that never happened – The Wannadies split in 2003, only to reform 13 years later in 2016.  New material is apparently ‘promised’.


Someone Somewhere


4 thoughts on “European Me – Nummer Sex

  1. Wonderful band on record and also hugely entertatining in the live setting. There’s a lot of good things about ‘Before and After’, their final album from 2002 before they split.


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