5 Songs by…….The Strokes

The Strokes


I first heard the Strokes whilst sitting in the front passenger seat of a 1978 Triumph Dolomite. I was being driven across Ealing Common to a wedding (A Hindu Wedding, as it happens, that’s not relevant, but I’m setting the scene) and suddenly from out of nowhere we were surrounded by fog, thick, muggy fog. I’ll be honest here, I was slightly concerned I had no idea where I was (well in reason, I was on Ealing Common, which having just looked is not that big at all, compared with say, Dartmoor, on which I am forever getting lost on after the ‘mist’ descends) and in which direction the venue was (Ealing Town Hall, which as it happens, is by far the biggest and grandest building on Ealing High Street, not saying a great deal to be fair, but I think I would have picked that building if I had to choose one).

Then ‘the Modern Age’ came on the stereo, I can’t remember if it was a tape or the radio but my concerns about never seeing my family again and being eaten alive by the beast of Ealing Common ebbed away. Within two minutes of hearing them, I was converted.

The Top Five Strokes Songs according to my iPod are

1. New York City Cops – which also has the honour of currently sitting at Number One in the ‘Most Played Tracks On My iPod Chart’. Seriously this one has been played more than anything else. It’s also bloody ace.

2. Ize Of The World – Which is taken from ‘First Impressions of Earth’ and sees Julian just listing a load of words ending with ‘IZE’ before it suddenly just stops.   Its way better than I’ve made that sound.

3.  Take It Or Leave It – Taken from ‘Is This It?’ which I am assuming that you all own, love and play nearly every day, right?

4.  Reptilla – From ‘Room on Fire’ – Its weird because for all the brilliance and style and swagger of the first Strokes album, the second one ‘Room on Fire’ left many underwhelmed but I think it is well worthy of another listen.  This track here is as good as anything on ‘Is This It?’ , well nearly.

5.  Call It Fate, Call it Karma – From ‘Comedown Machine’ which was the was the fifth Strokes album and probably their best album since the new seminal debut one.

Next week The Pixies and let’s us know what you think might be in out Top Five.  Who knows we might even start dishing out a few points.


5 thoughts on “5 Songs by…….The Strokes

  1. Debaser. It should be number one in everyone’s charts. End of.
    The pedant in me just can’t let this go, sorry – it’s just Pixies. No ‘The’. Feel free to roll your eyes and tut…

    I never ‘got’ The Strokes. The first record was good, but not nearly as good as it was made out to be. The White Stripes released ‘White Blood Cells’ that same year and it smashes ‘Is This It?’ to pieces in pretty much every respect.


  2. I’ll say nice things about The Strokes….certainly for the debut LP and some of what followed immediately. With you on ‘Reptilia’ being a great song. Didn’t know the one off the fifth album; it wasn’t what I expected and can’t say I’m that fond of it.

    Re Pixies (and Robster is right about ‘The’)

    Monkey Gone To Heaven
    Nimrod’s Son
    Subbacultcha (BBC session version)


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